Being the change

So many comments seem to typically contain the hidden assumption that it takes some external force, person, situation, to change things, usually something despairingly powerless in the current state of affairs. I hear the despair.

I have become convinced that I have the power to transform the world into one that is free of domination.  I believe that all it takes to transform the world is for me to transform myself into a more mature, responsible, and loving person.  That’s all I have to do, nothing more than that, nothing less than that, and nothing is more important than that transformation.  When I change my inner world, my external behavior shifts to match, and I become a creative source of systemic change.

Moreover, if I can do it, with my history of dysfunction and wounding, certainly you can do it.  The ripple effect from this transformation is immeasurable, and it has the power to stimulate the largest institutions of repressive domination to implode.  This turns conventional thought on its head, and would appear to be insane to most people, a kind of megalomania, which it is not, it is the exact opposite of megalomania.   It is acknowledging our critical participation in energetic systems far larger than ourselves.

I do not accept that I am the victim of the military-media-corporate-government conspiracy.  I am 100% responsible for it, another apparently “insane” idea, and yet what I mean is that I am 100% able to respond to it.  I have an answer.  I have more than one answer.  Having a better idea is far more effective for producing social transformation than recrimination and revolt.  Very soon the world will be ready to hear hundreds of thousands of people who have transformed themselves internally to be the change, and not demand the change from some external source.

The wave of transformation is happening all around us if we are open to perceiving it, and it is time to paddle like hell to match speeds with the wave so that when it breaks we are moving forward and not left behind.  Those who ascribe to the “Left Behind” series of fictions, those who cling to blaming others and feeling superior, who refuse to accept that we are all in this together, are in for a big surprise.

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