A Dream

The game is at a stalemate, 0-0
It’s the bottom of the ninth inning
A slender young woman comes up to bat
Is it Humanity?
I tell her, “You have to hit the ball as hard as you can, you have to do it now.
If you get to third base, head for home.”
She’s left handed
She hits the first pitch far out into right field
Stunned, she starts walking towards first base
I tell her to run!
She makes it to second, looking over her shoulder
I tell her to run!
She rounds third, I tell her to make it home
She comes up to home, and there is someone holding the ball
They are both stunned, time stands still, nobody moves
I tell her, “Touch home plate, touch home plate!”
She touches the plate
Game over
We embrace
She is so thin and bony
Never did I expect a home run

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