These words I wrote many years ago in the 70’s, words of encouragement to a potential boatbuilder, and today I find they still apply to my life as I move forward in learning what it is I can do. I don’t know yet. I am re-learning that being “out of control” is a blessed state in which I am willing to receive what the Universe is giving me.

“The first thing I want to tell you is DO IT. This book is not the experience; you have to create that. It is not the whole truth; it is only a map containing symbols for the reality which is in the process and in you. Allow the boat to come out of you the way it wants to come out, not the way you think it is supposed to come out. The way things are supposed to be is not the way things ARE. The fantasy I have in my mind of the boat I might build does not, will not, look like the boat I will actually build. I guarantee you that. It will be pointed at both ends and it will float, all right, but all the events and contingencies that occur during the process of building are going to keep changing what the boat finally looks like. The finished boat is in you, in your body. You can’t see it, visualize it, imagine, until it happens. OK? You cannot imagine the grain structure of the interior of a board or a tree; you can only see it after it has been cut open.”

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