My Core Values

We are one humanity, there is only one LAW (Love Always Wins), and I feel most ALIVE (Aware of Love Incarnate Victorious Everywhere) when I am in LOVE (Letting Old Vanity Evaporate).

I am not drawn to do this work, I am compelled to do it from the deepest stirrings of my heart and soul. I am propelled forward at times when I have lost courage, because I simply must do this work. I have no choice but to be obsessed by it. I have survived many forms of personal and systemic violence, I have become violent, I understand violence. I have been called to be a recovering violent person, and my personal recovery depends upon my sharing it with others. Because my heart is broken open, I must bring the world with me. I am busy being born and giving birth. If I do not speak it, I lose it. If I do not work it, if I do not live it and give it away, I lose it. There is no going back.


The really important things don’t happen in space and time, they happen in our hearts.
Think with your heart, Peace is waiting for you there.
Give yourself to Peace, and you become the Gift.
Your Gift is the breath that blows the seed of passionate Love to Earth.

We are not on solid ground
We are not solid
We are entangled with every particle
We are neither “on” nor “off”
We are the energy of motion itself

In the morning, I forge the sword of my soul in the furnace of my passion and polish it on the diamond of my consciousness.

In the afternoon, from my sword I reflect surprising visions of deep communication, reconciliation, justice, and everlasting cooperation into the eyes of the powerless legions of fear.

In the evening, I rejoice, and place my heart in the hands of the source of creation.


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