Being Peace

“I am a peacemaker: I conceive endless ways to collaborate and to spread reciprocal benefit.” — Mali Rowan

I have been contemplating these words and reflecting on the goal of being peace. The recent election campaigns have highlighted what it is to not be peace. On the other hand, I’m believe a certain chain of events describes the process of building a peaceful culture, no matter if it is is within a family, a neighborhood, a nation, or the entire planet:

crisis > surrender > humility > willingness to listen > healthy dialog > collective wisdom > collaboration > resilience > sustainability > security > strong culture of peace

So I was thinking this morning about the collaborations we have been given as gift: the Universe, our bodies. The very atoms and molecules of all the physical world are indeed collaborations, working together for the benefit, the evolution of all. So we are living collaborations, our bodies are living symphonies of incredible passion, always birthing, always dying in a constant process of renewal. The “spirit” of collaboration pervades all that is. So for me, collaboration is God is collaboration, a “working together.”

I know from my own experience that one cannot be self-centered and participate in a collaboration, one must surrender one’s ego, one’s vanity. As William Temple said, “For the trouble is that we are self-centered, and no effort of the self can remove the self from the centre of its own endeavor.”  So we must simply acknowledge and release our self-centeredness.  My definition of Letting Old Vanity Evaporate is L.O.V.E. and to be aware of love (or collaboration) pervading the Universe is to be truly A.L.I.V.E., Aware of Love Incarnate Victorious Everywhere. Aside from being clever acronyms, these memes are a shorthand way of constructing a being of peace, joy, and wonder.

Barbara Marx-Hubbard is talking about creating a new human, a divine human prototype, virtually the same words that Oscar Ichazo used in the early 1970’s to spark a school of mysticism, Arica, in which I participated for 15 years. The vision of that prototype is now becoming more clear to me, and at the ground level, where the rubber meets the road, it is a person who collaborates, who surrenders to the collective wisdom.

I recently stumbled upon a possible way to inspire collaboration, thanks to Stephen Dinan’s PeaceWeek and others’ writing that “coincidentally” appeared in my field. It is in a language that everyone understands without any reference to God or love, the language of money, previously associated with mammon. That collaboration is called “microfinance,” and I am currently pursuing the goal of forming a local pool of investors who will lend to the most marginalized people in our community, restoring their dignity and health, and synthesizing the essence of a City of Peace.

I hope it works! I am seeking advice and help from everyone I know. If it doesn’t work, I will learn something, and I won’t give up, I’ll try again with something new.

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