Here’s the text from my book, about collaboration: “The question that I had to answer in my early recovery was whether or not I was willing to be in community with others, and beyond that, in communion with a higher power. Being in community now means to me a willingness to work together, to collaborate.

“Back then, I could not see that we have been freely given many collaborations. The very atoms and molecules of the entire physical world are collaborations, held together, interacting together, working together in an incredible continuous process that seems to have an orderly purpose and direction. Our bodies are living collaborations of billions of individual cells, living symphonies of incredible passion, always birthing, always dying in a constant process of renewal. The ‘spirit’ of collaboration pervades all that is. So for me, God, Higher Power [or what’s alive in you in this moment] or whatever name you prefer to use for this great mystery, is a collaboration, meaning literally anything that can be seen as co-labor, a ‘working together.’

“I know from experience that I cannot be self-centered and participate in a collaboration. I must surrender my ego, my vanity and most of all, my distrust. I must acknowledge and release my self-centeredness. This is the key to not only personal recovery but also the cultural recovery from a dependency on control, domination and violence. A culture of peace is a culture of collaboration.”


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