The warrior-monk prototype

The warrior-monk prototype embodies participation in the campaign for peace as a tool of self-development, of self-awareness and service for the highest common good.  I believe this is necessary self-care for prevention of burnout.  “Slowing down your internal voices, re-discovering who you really are, and relating to the world from a place of Being and Knowing.” (

The warrior-monk does not fight unnecessary battles, but deliberately chooses the time and place to intervene with the minimum necessary force to redirect a conflict, creatively using whatever tools are lying about to draw forth negative energies into the light where they evaporate from exposure.   The warrior-monk never gives up, never quits, never slows down, never speeds up, just finds the supportive pace that will last to tunnel through mountains of fear and bring them down.  Peace is not easy right now because it is coming from the inside out, like a “cat in a paper bag.”  The real work of the activists for Peace, it seems to me, is to be so accepting of themselves that they can then accept others just as they are, i.e. get a little self-respect so they can take the next step toward claiming peace for themselves.

I am re-learning that being “out of control” is a blessed state of forgiveness in which I am willing to receive what the Universe is giving me.  This allows me to replace repeated controlling behaviors with spontaneous, creative solutions.

Three Tenets of Peace-Making attributed to Bernie Glassman  (Zen master)

* Not Knowing – letting go of fixed ideas about ourselves, others and the world

* Bearing Witness – the practice of bearing witness to things as they are, including all forms of joy and suffering in our world

* Loving Action – effective, compassionate and sustainable action grounded in not knowing and bearing witness

1.  Not-knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe. Ride the breath into Great Silence. Empty yourself and let go of all your knowing; let go into spaciousness.

2.  Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world.  From not-knowing, see as many positions of a given situation as possible. Listen deeply. Be inclusive and connect with many perspectives, without being limited by attachments and aversions and without fixing your position.

3.  Loving actions towards ourselves and others.  An impulse to action will arise. We call this action a loving or healing action because it has naturally emerged from not-knowing and bearing witness to the wholeness of a situation. Trust yourself Take action – do it! Offer your action with gratitude and love for the well being of all. Practice/Precepts/Zen Peacemaker Path Precepts.htm


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