Freedom and July 4th

For me the word freedom is associated with the image of a river flowing around and over obstructions toward the sea, so it has to do with the resolution of conflict, both inner and outer. Conflict resolution comes from having the inner knowing we are interdependent, knowing that it’s unhealthy and insane to think of oneself as isolated from larger systems that provide us all the resources we need, gratis, especially the social systems of other people beyond family and friends. Individual freedom comes from surrender to a process greater than anything we could devise on our own, letting go of our defiant desire to look, sound, and act in way that others would judge to be good, strong, or virtuous. The Independence from Great Britain that we innocuously celebrate on July 4th has become the adolescent symbol of defiance which is but one step toward true freedom. America is one of the least free nations on earth, and simultaneously one of the most hopeful places for the birth of practical expressions of interdependence (such as the Occupy movement) in response to the crises which that lack of freedom creates.


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