Found: key to world peace

PEACEkey3The key to world peace does not exist in the mechanisms of the political process or somewhere in the bowels of governments, corporations, or military bureaucracies. You possess one of the most significant keys to world peace because everyone carries this key. My purpose is to direct your attention to it so that you can touch it, pick it up, and use it — even duplicate it.

By doing so, you will alter politics and government far more than the use of any other lever at your disposal. I know this is not logical or rational, and that is precisely the point. The evolution of humanity demands that we take a leap into a non-rational state of being, a non-analytical state of mind in which relationships define us, and we are no longer materialistic individualists. Ready?

Let me illustrate with a simple, practical story. I have this story about myself that I’m not intuitive, and I just proved to myself how inaccurate that is. Using a non-rational process, I found my car keys.

It had been two days since I had driven, and when first I discovered the keys were missing, I was of course getting ready to go someplace. I had raised the garage door and was ready to turn on the car when I noticed with some dismay the keys were not hanging from their usual ring-holder. So, I went through all the pockets of everything I could remember wearing. No keys. I retraced all my steps to the usual places where I could have absent-mindedly put them down. No keys.

How ironic, I thought to myself, when only a few days ago I was saying to a friend of mine who had lost his keys, “Your body has a memory of everything that you did and everything that happened, so you simply need to access that memory by relaxing enough to allow it to surface.” OK, I needed to listen to my own advice. I knew I was feeling anxious and the knowledge that I had no duplicate ignition key was pushing me toward panic.

Fortunately, I was not scheduled for an appointment, there was no urgency about leaving. I stopped looking for my keys, sat down and did a Quick Coherence, a simple process of calming one’s heart rhythm and objectively looking at the conditions and information contained in the heart. As a result, I deliberately chose to move out of anxiety into feeling supported by the Universe, and was grateful. I was more certain the keys would just show up. Soon after that, my dog wanted to go out and play fetch. We went out through the garage, since the door was open already. As I walked by my car, I received a “small voice” suggestion to look underneath the car. I got down on my knees, and the keys were right in front of me.

I am delighted to know that I am getting better at hearing that voice and acting upon it. Accessing my heart’s wisdom is simple, do-able and fun. The story of myself as a totally rational person has a big crack in it, and the light is coming through.

What does this have to do with world peace? Let’s define peace as the presence of non-violent conflict resolution skills that aim to produce win-win solutions. What science has discovered is the presence of mirror neurons that create a hard-wired empathy between human beings, the natural foundation for peaceful conflict resolution. Our “rational” story about humanity has been for centuries that we are a dangerous species to ourselves, full of aggression and hostility that are intractable. The truth is that we have survived as a species because of collaboration and cooperation, and that personal  homicide and state-sponsored genocide are the exception to that story, not the norm. Those bloody conflicts simply make it into the news media and history books because the tension of the story engages the reader.

I found my keys by changing my attitude about myself, giving myself the benefit of the doubt, and consciously deciding to listen to my heart wisdom, something that most rational-minded people would regard as unreliable, at best. Yet I believe we can collectively find world peace by changing our story about how impossible it is, and focus on feeling the truth of our relationships with other people instead of making up enemy images about them. Yes, this is a bit like jumping off a cliff and trusting that the wings you’ve never used will work. It takes guts, more than it takes to find a set of keys, yet the principle is the same. It’s just not adrenaline-driven.

The adrenaline we use to save our lives once in a while takes no forethought. It is rather instantaneous. The adrenaline we create with our thoughts of anger, judgment and acting out violently may drive sugar into our muscles for fight or flight, and it also limits our emotional and mental capacities.We become smaller, weaker people as a result. What we decide to feel a priori about another human being with whom we have a conflict not only changes our experience of them, they actually respond physically, shift into harmony with that feeling. If we approach them with prejudice, it is reflected back to us. If we approach with positive open-mindedness, that’s what we will see in them.

To summarize, the key to world peace is to stop, look, and listen. Stop rushing around looking for the answer, or promoting the answer you think is the right one. Look within instead of looking outward at what others are doing, question the story you are telling yourself. Listen to others, deeply, between the words, underneath the words, listen to their heart-felt longings. Suddenly, you just may discover that you already have non-violent conflict resolution skills that aim to produce win-win solutions.

The really important things don’t happen in space and time, they happen in our hearts.

Think with your heart, Peace is waiting for you there.

Give yourself to Peace, and you become the Gift.

Your Gift is the breath that blows the seed of passionate Love to Earth.

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