The loss of dreams

Loaded Heart

Depression is a crisis of learning held in the homeostasis of denial because we fear the experience of pain and wish to control it. Our finest moments are those in which we absorb and then release what appears to be dark energy, discovering underneath it a brilliance of serenity and joy never before experienced, layer upon layer, deeper and deeper into the heart of Love.

Said another way: when we focus on the problem, yes, struggle appears. When we focus on the whole dance — the coherent flow of information — within which the “problem” has but a small part, effortlessness emerges. We are response-able to detach with love from having an immediate, gratifying solution, and trust the coherent information that is beyond our mental grasp to provide us with spontaneous opportunities. The diffusion of innovations such as systems thinking seems to require a sufficient number of tests, successes and failures, by people willing to risk everything, such as Gandhi and MLK, to provide the early majority enough evaluation of the results that they reach the willingness to “buy in.” I don’t think it is so much a single “vision” as it is a willingness to dream one’s own dream. The despair and alienation of western culture is the loss of the dreams.

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