Longing to Belong

What joy can never be achieved yet is always available?

What work is it that gives energy and never drains it?

What truth is it that can not be described?

What can usually be seen only when your eyes are closed?


We are all swimming in the same ocean, we all have the same “soul,” we all have the same longing to belong. The emptiness that we sometimes feel acutely, sometimes diffusely, is that ocean, that soul, that place of belonging calling to us. It is more real than the chair upon which we sit, the food that we eat, the cars that we drive. The stuff of 3-D reality, including you and me, could not “exist” or be perceived by us unless it were held apart as uniquely individual clouds of whirling particles by some empty space that separates them from each other in specific “gluey relationships.”

The stuff of relationship is more real, more important, than the physical reality that appears as a result of those relations, and that is the ocean in which we all swim. There is no vacuum of nothingness between you and me, there is a swirling vortex of connection. We can’t measure it, see it or touch it, and yet sometimes we can experience it as more real than our bodies. It’s the feeling of belonging to the ocean, and it can bring tears to our eyes because we regret all the time we’ve wasted in avoiding its terrible beauty, all because someone told us we didn’t deserve it.

A culture of belonging contains an unshakable peace, joy, and cheerfulness.

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