Escape from the operating system

Sometimes, when I feel love very strongly, I wonder if I’m dreaming because the experience seems so extraordinary — colors seem more vivid, every soft breath of wind is felt, and I feel the love of life in the trees. Then I remember that this is not a dream, this is Reality. My “ordinary” perceptions are the ones that are un-real, subjective, and hallucinations.

My culture taught me what is real and not real, and that programming is very much due for an upgrade. Our culture is like a badly scratched DVD. How can I unpack that mostly invisible system of information, decompress it, repair it and recompress it?

Perhaps the analogy of a computer’s operating system is helpful. A computer can read a DVD on which we can see no visible information, and in the process of decompression it will compare, detect and reject bits of information that have either been misplaced or don’t add up to a complete thought. If the information is intact, then it can be displayed in all its detail.

Our whole bodies (not just our brains) are the physical container of our “operating system,” which is stubbornly invisible and resists decompression. The filing system and files are most likely corrupt, with innumerable work-arounds — patches — that keep the system in operation.

However, if I connect with a cable or wirelessly to another operating system — another human being — we can compare bits of information, decide what is out of place or incomplete, and re-install the original data or software. Here is where the analogy breaks down.

We humans have capabilities far exceeding those of computers. The original data and software is obsolete! We can pull the plug, we can replace the machine or its software, we can add video “eyes and ears,” we can invent and adapt to information from outside the existing limitations of hard data.

We can hold that DVD at arm’s length and without the intervention of any operating system see ourselves faintly reflected back in shimmering rainbows, and laugh, and let go of the need to know any more. We can see that other people, animals, plants, wind, rain, fire, rocks and dirt, stars and galaxies are all other DVD-like compressed systems of information.

We can appreciate our ability to do this escape from the operating system — the dream — that was handed to us by our culture. We can be grateful, happy, joyous and free. We can see Reality for what it is.

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