Letting Old Vanity Evaporate

For most of my life, the self-centered, narcissistic illusions that I carry about myself have been responsible for blocking the flow of love, either going out or coming in.

The recovery process described in my book, “Love Always Wins” didn’t teach me to love directly, it guided me to places of safety where I could let go, where I could get out of my own way.

I compare it to a process so soft and gentle it is like the un-balling of a fist, or evaporation of water from a dish. That metaphor has become an acronym for me, where the letters of L.O.V.E. represent Letting Old Vanity Evaporate.

I use vanity here to mean self-absorption, self-obsession, and arrogance. Evaporation is about slowly learning to surrender to the present moment, trusting oneself and others.

The act of surrender opens the doorway to affection, empathy, compassion, and gratitude.

“Let old vanity evaporate” is the only law or rule of behavior that I need to constantly observe and remember. The experience of freedom derives from the knowledge that the still, small voice deep within me is permanent and indestructible, always available whenever I need it, regardless of what is going on around me in my daily life.

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