The Rise of Not Knowing

I have posted this meme many, many times.

The governed have been hypnotized by the illusion that they are victims of paternalistic government. The art and science of non-violent revolution is readily available and proven, yet people lack the courage to invest disciplined time and energy into practicing it, resorting instead to childish protests with little impact. I expect that environmental and economic disasters combined with energy shortages will bring a natural collapse of paternalism, and the rise of local self-reliance.

Undoubtedly, chaos will ensue, and the fear of that may be what is holding the status quo in place. I say bring it on. Corporate power that has depended on government welfare will collapse. Federal paper money and digital transactions may become meaningless. The social structures that feed, clothe and house us will be re-invented because “transactional” relationships will be replaced by unconditional ones.

It’s hard to imagine such a brave, new world, and yet there are millions of people all over the world right now who are not only creating the vision of a compassionate future, they are stepping into it, embodying it.

Perhaps we are in the steepest part of the learning curve of an entirely new type of decentralized, internet-facilitated global movement, the primary message of which is “we are many, we are diffusely connected, we are quick” and … a little crazy with desperation.

Nation-states, on the other hand, are not feeling global support, are reacting in very traditional ways that only further reduce their own legitimacy, and are slowly getting backed into a corner from which there will be no escape, an existential dilemma like none other in human history. Of course, they are also a little crazy with desperation.

Our job is to simply witness, prepare for and cooperate with this flow of events, maybe get ahead of it a little, but not too far, just self-managing our emotions enough to stay out of the despair. There is a massive amount of hospice work in the trenches that needs to be done: damage control and trauma healing.

Prayers for rescue from this situation only reinforce the illusion of our victim status. Our primary task is to get our egoic selves, our “special” victim status, our vanity of self-pity, set aside, even for the briefest of moments. To just let it go. Allow ourselves to be defined by a situation far beyond our ability to understand. Prayers that change the one who prays into a servant of practical, functional Love would be far more helpful. How would our lives be different if we adopt the hypothesis that our experience of Love coming from our heart’s neurons is precisely connected with our conscious participation in and servanthood to the evolution of all of humanity?

Most people still seem to think the decision to end war is in the minds and hearts of the government leaders, who are in reality the very last to think about changing their privileged comfort with the status quo.

When the citizens wake up to how repetitive and stuck it has become to be fighting among and within themselves, and instead extend sisterly and brotherly love to each other — to become one family of humble wisdom teachers and learners — THEN it will become ridiculously obvious that the power and choice to live in security, prosperity and joy is theirs and theirs alone.

From a spiritual consciousness evolutionary point of view, humanity has moved out of Conventional Social Contracts into the level of Saint Ego, the level of “I can do whatever the hell I want.” This is the level of gun violence and fascism — yes — and what follows, if all goes well, is the advent of Philosopher-Charlatans who espouse half-truths.

Then we get to discover that doesn’t really work — the level of Disillusionment — followed by Suicidal Panic in which Nothing (that we know) Works any more, a true Dark Night of the soul.


Finally, we come to the dawn of patient listening and Not Knowing the meaning of all the apparent chaos. FINALLY, our entire world turns upside down, we surrender, gratefully, into positive, Compassionate Action which gives our lives the meaning, direction and purpose we seek.

The cutting edge — the most painful learning — for human development is self-management of our attention. When we are stunned by the chaotic collapse of paternalism, and instead of watching the outer world of sensational news reports we escape our despair by combining routine inner self-observation with daily positive actions, we arrive at a paradoxical serenity. This is not meant to be classical meditation, sitting motionless, but a constantly moving self-awareness.

As we invest ourselves in a discipline and culture of a non-analytical, non-dualistic, permanent, trustworthy witness that is inter-penetrated or indigenous with a conflict-free, growth-aware, joyful, expansive “quantum field” of silent, flowing movement you could call Love, we contribute to this wisdom that is rapidly becoming common knowledge, expressed in many radically local and diverse ways.

We resist and deny what makes us most uncomfortable, which is not the external events of the world, but our inner repression of a deep toxic shame that has no basis in fact and is an entirely fictitious product of centuries of human “progress” which is in reality centuries of human violence.

When the veil parts (some say this year, we shall see…) we will feel an immense — terrifying, really — loss of identity, loss of certainty, loss of direction, all of which will be a temporary feeling of falling into empty space.

We will then metaphorically learn to fly, breathe underwater, and gratefully sink into the earth. 

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