The Mother of all pandemics

Many of us now sequestered at home have the opportunity to think more deeply about the causes and effects of this dangerous pandemic. I predict that healing a deeper, “other pandemic disease” would greatly enhance our ability to deal with not only Covid-19 but also the many other forms of chaos: climate, military, political, economic, health and education chaos.

It’s a taboo subject, so if you are willing to set aside your internal censor temporarily and bring up your objections later, I want to draw your attention to a disease from which I both suffer and struggle to recover: addiction.

What I have seen in my attempts to heal myself and others is that the effects of addiction have massive — MASSIVE — consequences for our entire culture, politics, economics, families and individuals because beyond addiction to drugs and alcohol, there are other addictions to war, violence, danger, shopping, media, food, overwork, sex, gambling and more. No wonder it’s a taboo subject, and no wonder that treatment centers exist for “Behavioral Health.” It’s huge, it’s overwhelming — so much so that we can’t, we won’t, talk about it.

Our relationships are so damaged, so alienated, and our ability to think systemically is so compromised, that speech has failed us.

Consider just one of those forms of addiction: alcoholism. It causes 3.3 million deaths per year, and also infects us with the shame and blame that destroys relationships and shrinks our problem-solving capacities, all of which has an enormous ripple effect. If there were a total of the number of premature deaths from ALL the different addictions in the world, what do you think it would be? If you accepted the government’s estimation of the average economic value lost when someone dies prematurely at EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS, what do you think the total global loss from addiction would be?

Think about it. That’s exactly why this is a taboo subject.

I am willing to debate with anyone who cannot believe that Covid-19 is one of those downstream effects of addiction. Let’s connect the dots, together.

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