After the lights go out

Again, this image of personal transformation:

When the darkness overcomes me with despair — which it does, inevitably — I acknowledge, feel, fully experience the despair as best I can, and let go of it. Much has been said about the value of the darkness as a brilliant opportunity to practice the art of letting go.

Wallowing in the darkness, feeling the agony of self-pity, remembering all my past moments of victimization, fearing endless new moments of punishment, is the type of being frozen in hell with which I have much familiarity. My resolve today is to simply be the light in whatever way seems easy and natural, every day, in every moment. And I fail, of course. I remember my past, I fear my future. Yet there is more than that to being fully human.

Practice, practice, practice failure and each broken chip of ego that falls away reveals more of the hidden heart ❣️ The motto of entrepreneurship is “fail early and fail often,” to accelerate the learning process of receiving feedback from testing, re-design and re-testing.

If you wish to soften the fear of future wrongs, a world of serious evil, a good exercise would be to envision “total collapse” of the systems that have kept us alive in the past — when those systems shut down into complete darkness — and start asking what follows. Ask what is waiting and wanting to emerge (the true meaning of emergency). What is wanting to be born into the vacuum of collapse? What is your story? Could it be this?

“Today, we are shifting from a worldview that is obsolete – obsolete because it is just not working anymore. It is a mechanistic, reductionist worldview of separation, fear, survival of the fittest, win-lose, and exploitation of nature and one another. The one emerging is a holistic, organic worldview of connection, cooperation, win-win, and kinship with nature.”
— Foundation for Global Community, circa 2000

Sequestering “in the dark” is a great time to ask ourselves some penetrating questions:

  • Am I willing to take the first step on an uncertain path towards what seems an impossible task, simply because my integrity demands it?
  • Am I willing to admit that the only difference between me and those who appear to be making grave mistakes is a difference of perception which could change at any moment?
  • Why am I attached to this gulf between me and “them?”
  • Am I suppressing deep feelings of grief and fear?
  • What might happen if I could dive headfirst into the darkness, the chaos, with my little flashlight?
  • Is there really a monster under my bed?

As we move in solidarity into and through the darkness, we truly will evolve to a higher level of complexity, efficiency, and use of information. I think we’re halfway there already. It’s not out there in the future. Every day, the news reports add more detail to this map:

Find yourself on the map, then experiment with being in a different place. How does it feel to be in a different place? Better? Worse? Those feelings are your compass, your “positioning system.”

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