When the lights come back on

A few of us are working actively to return to the pre-pandemic status quo or at least hanging on to the fantasy of returning, somehow, to a centralized, capitalist nation-state.

Between ego-death and soul re-discovery there is a dark night.

Some of us may be aware that we are in hospice and that all or part of us is “dying.” We want our family near. Hopefully, it’s only our personal ego 🤪 that is dying, but in reality our entire socio-cultural belief system is coming apart. Most of the world is now in solidarity with this pain of breakdown.

Some of us may be doing the hospice work of consoling those whose mental constructs are dying, or rescuing those who are in mortal danger from this sixth mass-extinction event.

How do we decide if we want to belong, how do we trust that life will continue?

After ego-death is the opportunity to calmly realize we cannot continue old behaviors, they are simply inadequate to the situation. We relax into an alert yet peaceful condition in order to observe without judgment what’s going on. It’s non-judgment day and we are the embryos of a new culture.

The researchers, experimenters and designers of alternative ways of being and behaving are moving from the status of marginal mutations to a new legitimacy as possible survival guides. Some of those are derived from ancient, perennial cultures and are disguised with modernized language, science and images.

The earth in chrysalis phase dissolves into chaos and emerges as brilliant beauty.

The visionaries and story-tellers are polishing the narrative of a reborn culture into a genuine, attractive and usable map. How do we find gratitude, generosity, gentleness? Where is emotional sobriety or equanimity in the midst of vulnerability?How do I know what I genuinely need and ask for it in a way that can be heard? What does it mean to trust?

It is so rude and painful to leave the comfort of what has held us in safety!

We are being born. In order to be born properly, we must cooperate with our hostess that is pushing us out of our comfort zone. There is no going back. We must be in the right orientation – head first – and we must accept some deformation of our head – our intellect – in order to pass through this dark tunnel. Most of all, our hearts đź’“ must continue to circulate.

Our Mother is watching us with love. All of us are but babes.

Fear not. Take the plunge into the unknown. You are safely held by the resources within you that you will only discover by calling upon them.

There is a rebirth in progress:  the house of rigid, hierarchical, authoritarian, institutional, and male-dominated structures is being replaced by flexible, horizontal, nurturing, familial, and female-guided networks. Boundaries are dissolving. We are finally learning how to communicate, as in “commune,”  building tangible, solid community.

Due to the rapid feedback and learning possible due to modern communication technology, we are entering an upward spiral of knowledge and abilities that will establish World Peace. We WILL promote, worldwide, the healthy growth and development of children; prosperity and safety for adults; as well as cooperative learning and problem-solving. Such genius will flower that sometime in the future as we look back at the state of humanity that we are in now, it will seem as if we were like the dodo, and we will wonder why and how we were saved from extinction.

Only then will we see the lifeboats that carried us to safety.

I had no idea when I began building that this cargo canoe could float so high when completely full of people (and a dog).

I have built many canoes, one of the most seaworthy of hull shapes. My experience has taught me over and over again that the fantasy I have in my mind of the canoe I might build does not and will not look like the boat I will actually build. I guarantee you that. It will be pointed at both ends and it will float, all right, but all the events and contingencies that occur during the process of building are going to keep changing what the canoe finally looks like.

This is the essence of emergence, the creative process of emergency.

You cannot imagine the grain structure of the interior of a board or a tree; you can only see it after it has been cut open. There is a finished cultural “boat” of indescribable beauty inside you, inside your body-mind-spirit. You can’t see it, visualize it, imagine it, until it happens. OK?

Fear not. Take the plunge into the unknown.

Is the sky falling or the earth rising? You decide.

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