Out of our minds

The committee in our heads is not our best source of information!

Rational, logical, left-brain analysis will always conclude that control of large and complex systems is impossible; that we are helpless, insignificant blobs of protoplasm and the victims of relentless punishment that are fighting for survival.

Addictive behaviors feel good because they temporarily get a person out of their head, out of their mind, out of their intolerable fears around situations that seem to be out of control, and back into some reassurance that everything — especially themselves — will be OK.

Addictions include food, work, sex, drugs, gambling, shopping, care-taking others, and any number of ways of controlling situations through aggressive, dominating and violent behaviors.

Recovery is the process of re-balancing, or harmonizing, overly rationalized fears with a much broader awareness of subtle, systemic interactions and feedback loops.

Non-logical, whole-systems, right-brain synthesis that includes wisdom from not only the neurons surrounding the heart, but also the entire body and beyond, will conclude:

(1) our role as controller is both irrelevant and not necessary; we can let go of that, it’s not our job

(2) our full, whole-hearted participation in large systems exactly as they are in the present moment reveals ways for us to satisfy our need to contribute, a source of awesome joy that eliminates all fear

(3) to escape the rational conditioning of our thought process requires constant, focused and disciplined effort in the pursuit of this special wisdom.

The best way to get “out of our head” is to integrate our rational process with our irrational process to make an integrated whole.😁 The choice we face is whether to use short-term solutions with unwanted and predictable side-effects or to risk long-term self-disciplined methods with unpredictable outcomes. 🙃

Either way, those large and complex systems will always be there, pushing us out of control. 🥴

“If the the brain is the radio’s receiver,
then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice”
—Nassim Haramein

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