The Covid Nightmare is speaking

If half a million American soldiers had died in a battle, if half a million American citizens had died in a terrorist attack, if half a million Americans had died in a wildfire, we would see corporate America and the American government respond with a gargantuan, hasty response of military and economic power. The insurance markets would be buzzing with rate increases, the news cycle would be buzzing with terrifying speculations, and the rich would buzz with the latest, best investment in industrial responses.

As the death toll from Covid approaches half a million Americans, we lament, we fumble for solutions, the forecast looks bleak. Sickness and death are not resolvable with future bets, military force, or financial investments. Human capital — healthy, vulnerable, intimate and trusting relationships — is dreadfully absent in America. We do not love each other, we do not belong to each other, we languish in isolation waiting for the unseen enemy to mark us as the next victim. It’s a real-time horror movie, a mind-numbing nightmare.

If we were to calmly and carefully listen to our dreams and nightmares, they have non-verbal, non-rational messages straight from our heart to our head, at full fire-hose volume. The Covid nightmare is asking us to look at What is important? Why is this so painful? Are we really as isolated as we think we are? When will we commit to right relationship with each other, our planet, and our interior “operating system?” Does our perceptual bias need a lens cleaning? Who can we trust? WHO? Who am I, where do I belong, where am I going?

Look at the nightmare. Look. Listen. Answer.

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