Today is a good day to die

If we never learn that our entire life is a process of letting go of our attachments, of becoming a “hollow bone” for the endless flow of passionate love for life itself in all of its mysterious, miraculous disappointment of our naive expectations, our conditioned bias — if we don’t see ourselves as students of the Great Surprise — we become mired, bogged down, confused and slowly disintegrating, literally falling apart, inside.

Grief is our enrollment in Surrender 401, the best possible graduate seminar in the School of Life, for it is there that we learn to fully experience our grasping attachment to the comfort of predictable outcomes, the past projected onto the future, and the humorous irrelevance of our mathematical logic to the organic mutations of life constantly evolving.

Today is a good day to die unto your small self, with love and affection, and just rest, just be still, wait and observe what is being born.

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