It’s my nightmare

We always wake up from our nightmares, which we need for our waking up from the illusions we think are reality. They are False Evidence Appearing Real, F.E.A.R., a gift if we accept them.

It doesn’t matter when the nightmares appear to us. We may be in our beds thinking we are asleep, or walking around during the day thinking we are awake. It is all the same nightmare, the same fear. We are constantly dreaming, behind the illusion of our daily-annual-lifetime cycles.

Nightmares open us to freedom when we look at them directly and see the dissection of our fear completely from beginning to end, how we missed something beautiful because we were so distracted by the trauma, accept it as our own creation and belonging to nobody else, and then let it go, blessing the fear and ourselves in the process.

This happened — this letting go — for me this early morning around 4:30 AM when I woke from a dream that was not a nightmare. It was a dream of Homecoming, belonging, healing, being gifted unconditionally for just being here. I wept because I finally accepted it as my Reality.

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