Turn on, tune in, drop out

TURN ON — to the holistic, organic worldview of connection, cooperation, win-win, and kinship with nature.

TUNE IN — to the communion created by acts of love.

DROP OUT — of the sex/money/power domination system of separation, fear, survival of the fittest, win-lose, and exploitation of nature and one another.

WE gave our power and authority away to corporations and their puppet government, WE diminished ourselves. The last place we would seek or even wish to find the source of problems is within ourselves because we are like defiant children struggling to declare our virtuous self-sufficiency and disconnection from any reliance on external supports.

This struggle perversely and paradoxically only increases our dependency, like trying to escape from the proverbial tar baby. The more you fight “the system” the stronger it becomes.

On the other hand, the more one accepts the system exactly the way that it is, the easier it is shift focus to subversive ways of being fully alive, to walk out and walk on, to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.”

This does NOT mean to passively accept the consequences of the domination system, it means to actively refuse to be dominated. It means that we have empowered ourselves with the full force of organized love, also known as “nonviolence” or “ahimsa,” doing no harm, which can take many different forms of powerful interruption of the cycles of violence, both direct and indirect (sneaky).

This requires that we include ourselves as part of a system of interconnected parts, a vast cosmic eco-system, that is much bigger than corporate power. When we affirm our power to alter entire systems of culture and belief by realizing our personal connection to the background tapestry of prior unity, we let go of our victim status, we no longer struggle with “the powers that be,” we sidestep, we take an end run, we allow the corporate world to suffer natural consequences. When the ship of state is abandoned, it will cease to exist.

My experience with that journey has taught me that not only is this possible, it also requires constant reinforcement within a community of like-minded seekers and a surrender of selfish interests to the common good. That simple step is often the most difficult until an existential crisis tips our willingness to risk a commitment for which we have had almost no preparation. What is accelerating the evolution of our species now is the exponential increase in the numbers of people willing to take that risk.

To be “human” just as we are in this moment is a task that escapes most people who live in a culture of upward striving, a culture that actually defines us as “less than” our perfect selves, which is the delusion of hierarchies. When we accept ourselves as good enough, we inadvertently (or paradoxically) become more “spiritual,” more connected to purpose and whatever “supernatural” might mean. We relax into the rich world of intuitive perception and action that produces a kind of serenity and joy most people would describe as having “spirit.”

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