One hundred victories

The most sustainable strategy is to first perceive the enemy as yourself so that the desire to be separate from them begins to diminish.

Secondly, anticipate the level at which they are willing to engage and be visibly waiting at the edge of their field of battle for them to begin a skirmish. This is the moment when you begin to control the outcome.

Third, avoid the damage and wounding of direct contact by running away. You must build your agility, speed and stamina with constant daily practice. In this way you will negotiate many, many skirmishes.

Fourth, observe closely the level of exhaustion in those pursuing you and choose a perfect moment to satisfy their need for transformation of conflict into alliance. Be prepared to either continue running or to sacrifice your own life in the event that you chose the wrong moment. Your life energy cannot be wasted or lost, regardless of what happens, because your intention is contained in the quantum field (or whatever you wish to name it), and that intention transcends any material outcome with its superior strength. You can literally return to the skirmish whenever you choose and can learn to trust this ability only through trial and error, so begin your study with relatively small battles.

Fifth, when partnership agreement is achieved and your forces have been thereby amplified, search for another enemy to subdue without fighting. Victory is yours.

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