What is being eclipsed?

There’s a full lunar eclipse of a Blood Moon on Election Day, causing a bit of prophetic hysteria in some people.

Yeah, well, I look at it a bit differently.

Americans have a rather self-centered, vain, opinion of their invulnerability and entitlement that is a setup for disaster and a lesson in humility. Rather than some externally-caused or symbolic cascade of crises there is a vast internal chasm, a deep darkness, that remains unexplored, a taboo territory that eclipses the dignity, resilience and vitality of the human spirit.

I’m sure it exists in other countries, and here in my culture I can see an anguished discomfort with spiritual matters, a denial of any need to seek spiritual solutions to any kind of problem. We think we can “figure it out” on our own. This is a primary symptom of an addiction to a way of thinking about control, domination and ultimately, violence.

Any addiction, be it to control, drugs, gambling, sex, food, money, work, media, anger or violence — just to name a few — is a spiritual disease, a separation from healthy living, a distraction from the essential tasks of growing into human maturity, an eclipse of the inner light, the unborn dignity, resilience and vitality of which we are fully capable if we would but allow it.

YES, there will be ongoing cataclysmic Armageddons regardless of how many blood moons and lunar eclipses spin through our calendars until our vanity is crushed. If that makes one hysterical, maybe that is a good thing. The opportunity to take apart one’s vanity is always present.

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