Recovery Transformations

From cowboy to rose….

If one works all the 12 Challenges of Personal and Global Peace contained in The Work of Love, these may be the Recovery Transformations that could occur:

From Control to Acceptance

Instead of constantly feeling threatened and victimized by life’s challenges and reacting defensively with hyper-vigilance, frozen feelings, isolation, people-pleasing and perfectionism, we set healthy boundaries based on self-awareness of internal feelings. We deliberately focus on outcomes with passion, persistence and patience. We trust that there are creative solutions to conflict that meet everyone’s needs. We see that everyone’s relative distance from each other on the path of learning will naturally produce conflict. We gladly accept the struggle and search for solutions as part of our learning process. We flow confidently from one challenge to the next. We adopt the role of co-creator as an integral part of a much larger system than ourselves. We become a strong catalyst for positive change.

From Domination to Empowerment

Instead of grasping for power over others through shaming, blaming, anger and intimidation, we appreciate their strengths and values. Instead of disempowering others by either ignoring them or rescuing them, we challenge others to manifest their best selves. Instead of comparing ourselves with others and reinforcing our low self-esteem, we call forth the courage to learn and grow as a community. We point out the opportunities embedded in the difficulties we face. We affirm everyone’s ability to do whatever is necessary to achieve dreams that may seem impossible.

From Violence to Partnership

Instead of verbal and physical attacks on others that we perceive as enemies, weak or worthless, we see our inter-dependence with them. We begin to learn empathy for the ineffective strategies they have used to meet their needs. In our role as coach we search for ways to provide encouragement and support for people that we do not yet understand. We use compassion to help other people develop a vision and action plan by asking powerful questions. We build trust in our connection to and belonging with other people by managing our own emotional attitudes.

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